Richard & Becky have lived in the Eufaula area for over twenty years.  Richard owned and operated a grocery store in Checotah, a small town just a few miles north of Eufaula. Richard sold the store in 2014 and started investing in real estate.  He now flips houses, owner finances homes, and has a few short term rental properties in the area.  Becky went to Northeastern University where she received her teaching degree in 1998.  She did her internship in Eufaula and began her teaching career in 1999 at Checotah Public Schools, where she continues to teach 4th grade.  Becky also helps Richard by decorating and managing their short term rental properties. 

The couple has two grown children.  Their son, Kyle, is on the worship team at The Brick Church ( a sister church to Life Church), and their daughter, Kelsie, is an apparel design major at OSU.   

The Sheltons bought the Tree-sort on April 15, 2019 from the builder & engineer, Ray Wiseman.  The couple is working hard to make several improvements to the Tree-sort and even plan to expand the Tree-sort by building a few more treehouses on the property sometime in the future.           

black & white treehouse.jpg

The Treesort is open year round

as long as the weather permits
A Few Interesting Facts About Treehouse Construction

Trees move... the only way to stop a tree form moving is after it has been cut down and is laying on the ground.        The Creek Treehouse is secured at the Oak tree end of the beams but allowed to float (with chains limiting some movement) at the Cedar tree end of the beams.

The treehouse is supported by four huge treehouse bolts, each engineered to support 50,000 pounds each, plus a set of strong knee braces. The treehouse weighs less than 10,000 pounds... therefore a good safety factor...